Autor: Beautiful Still Life
Století: 20th century
Rozměr: 68 x 89 cm
Popis: Beautiful oil painting, still life, probably by a Czech painter around 1925, signed Ladová? Oil on canvas.

Autor: František Xaver Diblík
Století: 19th - 20th century
Rozměr: 41 x 23 cm
Popis: Beautiful still life by F. X. Diblík (1887-1955), oil on hardboard.

Autor: Oldřich Zezula
Století: 20th century
Rozměr: 40 x 70 cm
Popis: Painting of the Karlovy Vary Colonnade by Oldřich Zezula, oil on canvas from 1967.

Autor: Théobald Michau
Století: 17th - 18th century
Rozměr: 36 x 46 cm
Popis: Flemish / Belgian painter, 1676-1765. Landscape with pilgrims, cowherd boys. Oil painting on wooden board.

Autor: Alfredo Tominz
Století: 19th - 20th century
Rozměr: 35 x 56 cm
Popis: Pseudonym John Harway, Italian painter, 1854–1936, "Carriage in the Park".Oil on canvas Very good condition Signed lower right

Autor: Otakar Hůrka
Století: 19th - 20th century
Rozměr: 67 x 56 cm.
Popis: Otakar Hůrka (1899-1966) Prague Czech painter. The painting "View of Sázava". Oil painting on cardboard signed and dated 1922.