Autor: Karl Kaufmann (1843-1901)
Století: 19th Century
Rozměr: Painting: 77 x 50 cm, w Frame: 90 x 73 cm
Popis: View of Idilic Summer of Lake Garda in the Northern of Italy. In very Good Condition. Oil on Canvas.

Autor: Josef Burgaritzky (1836-1890)
Století: 19th Century
Rozměr: Painting: 52 x 66cm, w Frame: 93 x 107cm
Popis: Painting with Motive of Alpine Landscape with a Waterfall. Oil on Canvas in Massive Golden Frame.

Autor: Vratislav Hlava - Rudolf Bém
Století: 1874-1955
Rozměr: Dimensions: 80 x 110 cm
Popis: View on field with village during summer afternoon. Oil on canvas. Painting by Czech Painter.