Autor: KPM Berlin
Století: 19th Century
Rozměr: 25 cm x 18,5 cm
Popis: Motive of Diana resting after hunt. By François Boucher painting signed Alfred Brädel.

Autor: Ludwig Augustin, 1882–1960
Století: 19th-20th Century
Rozměr: Painting: 39cm x 45cm, w Frame: 51cm x 57cm
Popis: Oil painting by Austrian painter Ludwig Augustin 1882–1960 oil on cardboard, signed lower left.

Autor: Antal Diosy
Století: Year 1895-1977
Rozměr: Painting: 47 cm x 31cm, w Frame: 55cm x 39cm
Popis: Hungarian artist, Art deco Drawing of Columbine. Pastel on cardboard, signed at the bottom right. Framed under glass.

Autor: Jean Maxime Claude, 1824-1904
Století: 19th Century
Rozměr: Painting: 65 x 81 cm, w Frame: 80cm x 93cm
Popis: Painting by the renowned French painter, display of a landscape with the Bathing nymphs. Oil on canvas, signed at the bottom right

Autor: Heinrich Jaeckel (1840-1876)
Století: 19th Century
Rozměr: Painting: 67 x 92 cm, w Frame: 81 x 108 cm
Popis: Paiting by Austrian Painter Heinrich Jaeckel. Oil on Canvas in Golden Frame.

Autor: Alois Arnegger (1879–1967)
Století: 20th Century
Rozměr: Painting: 68cm x 94cm, w Frame: 98cm X 124cm
Popis: View of Lake Como In Northern Italy by Austrian Painter Alois Arnegger. Oil on Canvas in Golden Frame.