Název: Silver Candlesticks
Popis: Silver candlesticks from Italy with small decorations and angels with 3 shoulders. Ag 800/1000, 3027.80 gr and 3006. 30 gr.
Století: 1950
Autor: 50,5 cm x 31 cm x 31 cm

Název: Silver Salt Cellars
Popis: Silver olders wtih hugh quality silver and work from 18th century Paris with blue glass. Ag 925 /1000, 48.91 g, 43.23 g.
Století: 1780
Autor: Paris

Název: Silver Table Top
Popis: Silver table top with glass bowl and figures of Triton at the base of a table top. Ag 800/1000, brutto 1.280 g
Autor: Diana, Wien

Název: 2nd Style Rokoko Table Top
Popis: Silver table top with blue grinded glass bowl. Ag 800/1000, 223.18 g
Století: 1870
Autor: Diana, Wien

Název: Samson Paris
Popis: Large porcelain mythological scene with Venus. Polychrome porcelain. 57 cm x 45 cm x 38 cm.
Století: 19th century
Autor: Samson

Název: Viennese porcelain 18th Century
Popis: A unique group of Viennese porcelain, a very beautiful and rare sculptural composition from 1770. Dimensions: 25 x 23 x 16 cm
Století: 18th Century
Autor: Vienna