Název: Meissen, Girl with Primroses
Popis: Very rare Meissen porcelain sculpture with a girl and goat. From turn of 19th and 20th century. 18 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm
Století: Art Nouveau
Autor: Meissen

Název: Goldscheider, Dancer
Popis: Porcelain sculpture of a dancer in blue dress. 35 cm x 25 cm x 8 cm
Století: 20th century
Autor: Goldscheider Wien

Název: Meissen, Amor
Popis: Porcelain sculpture of a Amor by famous manufactory Meissen Germany. Slightly restored but in very good condition. 31 cm x 15 cm
Století: 19th Century
Autor: Meissen

Název: Meissen, Kaendler Elephant
Popis: Porcelain sculpture of a elephant. This work was done in 1850 after 100 years older original model of Johann Joachim Kaendler.
Století: 1850
Autor: Meissen, Johann J. Kaendler

Název: Meissen, Bolognese Dog
Popis: Porcelain sculpture of a Bolognese dog by manufactory Meissen, In very good condition. 23 cm x 28 cm x 15 cm
Století: 1950
Autor: Meissen

Název: Dresden, Big Vase
Popis: Big porcelain vase with detailed paintings of galant scene on both sides. Marked falsly Ar on the bottom of the vase.
Století: 1890
Autor: Postschapel